Diesel Vehicle Service Crawley

Diesel Vehicle Service Crawley

If you’ve landed on this page – the likelihood is that you were looking for diesel vehicle service Crawley – which means you may have an issue with your diesel.

You’re in luck! First4Vans are your one-stop shop for everything van-related – from purchase to accessories and servicing.

Our expertise and experience means we are well-equipped to let people know about issues and problems that Joe Public may not have ever thought about.

We’ve written this educational piece to inform diesel vehicle drivers about a common issue that they might not know even exists – the build-up of soot and ash that blocks their Diesel Particle Filters that may be affecting your vehicle!

Diesel Vehicle Service Crawley

So, what is a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF)?


  • Diesel Particle Filters are devices designed to remove noxious and harmful materials from the exhaust gas of diesel vehicles
  • They work by forcing the gas to flow through the filter and picking up larger exhaust gas particles such as the soot that is created when the diesel is burned
  • However, the filter will eventually become clogged with this soot and residue ash build-up from engine oil being burned

How do I know if my DPF is clogged?

If your DPF is clogged, you may be experiencing one or more of these issues –

  • Poor vehicle running and excessive engine effort and noise
  • Struggling to start your vehicle and engine hesitation
  • Spending more money on fuel as your miles per gallon has gone down
Diesel Vehicle Service Crawley

What can I do about it?

Usually, diesel vehicles will have regeneration strategies to clear out the excess build-up.

Often, such buildup occurs when diesel vehicles are driven at slow speeds around town and at stop-start intervals.

The vehicle will usually attempt to combat this by heating the engine up – but you can do it yourself by driving at above 40mph for 15 minutes.

Diesel Vehicle Service Crawley

If that doesn’t work?

If left for too long with issues, the DPF on your vehicle may become blocked beyond regeneration, at which point it will either need to be cleaned or replaced.

At First4Vans, we have recently begun offering an Air Intake System Cleaning Service, utilising BG products to squeeze more performance and efficiency out of your vehicle.

Not only this, but vehicles that undertake this service generally save a massive £190 fuel per year!

Want to save money on fuel?

Need Something else? Our other services include:

Van sales – we sell vans to use commercially.
Fleet Sales – Along with selling individual vans we can also sell entire fleets to commercial traders.
Long & Short term van hire – Need to hire a van? We do that too!
Daily hire – If you are in need of a larger vehicle to transport goods in a domestic capacity, we provide this.
Half Day Hire – We also provide spot hire on a half day basis.
Service, Repair and Maintenance – In addition to sales and hire we also maintain your vans.
MOT’s – We can take care of your MOT’s.
Fleet management – if you need someone to take charge of your fleet, we can provide this.
After Sales – we also provide after sales care.
Finance – If you need payment assistance we have a team in place ready to help.
Van accessories – We also provide a wide range of accessories to spruce up your van.

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