One of our team members is becoming a parent for the first time and to prepare for the new addition to their family, they will be moving to a larger property. This sparked a conversation amongst the staff about the challenges associated with vans for moving house. It’s only when you’re packing up your possessions that you realise how much junk you’ve collected over the years and sometimes it can be really difficult to let go and throw it all away.

On top of all the fragile objects, there’s the large, heavy furniture to think about and the actual transporting of the goods as well. We’ve already discussed the different types of van available in the UK before, but here we wanted to discuss the challenges associated with hiring vans for moving house. Specifically, we wanted to look at the challenges you may not have thought of before. Of course, we’re going to provide our best advice on how to make the move as hassle-free as possible.

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Consider The Size you Need

When helping people find the most suitable vans for moving house, we will always consider what you intend to load into the van. The thing is, the size of your furniture is just one element of the challenge. The other side of it is the weight of your furniture and it’s not a question of whether the van can handle a heavy load: It’s actually getting that piece of furniture into the van.

Whilst modern short and long wheelbase vans for moving house will often feature a low loading bed. This helps to make loading heavy goods easier. But to be honest with you, you just can’t beat a luton van with a tail lift. This means you don’t need to psyche yourself up to lift the sofa an extra foot-or-so off the ground in order to get it in. It’s amazing to see the preparation some people do to get themselves ready for that final lift into the van!

However, it should be noted that your driving license may not allow you to drive a luton van. If that’s the case, pick a van that has the lowest loading bed in order to avoid straining yourself too much. Always remember to think beyond just the obvious to make sure you are choosing the right vans for moving house.

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Consider Potential Scheduling Challenges

Booking vans for moving house as far in advance as possible is the best way to ensure you get the one you need. Rental companies can get busy and booked up quickly, so the ideal vans for moving house won’t necessarily be guaranteed if you leave it until the last minute. When moving, most people will have a window of time rather than one specific day. So, as a general rule-of-thumb, we recommend booking your rental and backup vans for moving house when you’ve packed at least three-quarters of your possessions.

Have a backup van option available in the event of this happening. This won’t necessarily have to be with the same company, but if you are in contact with us we will always make the effort to accommodate whenever and however we can.

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The best vans for moving house really can vary from person-to-person, so be sure to consider the challenges you may face during the move. If a van hire company is trying to offer you a one-size-fits-all solution and isn’t listening to your needs, just move on.

When you have found the right van for moving house, be sure to have at least one backup plan in place. Being prepared for unexpected challenges and planning far in advance is vital. Moving is already stressful enough and the last thing you need is to be left stranded when the big day comes.