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Legends car racing is a style of race car, designed primarily to promote exciting racing and to keep costs down. The bodyshells are 5/8-scale replicas of American automobiles from the 1930s and 1940s, powered by a Yamaha motorcycle engine.

Legends Cars are a “spec” series, meaning all cars are mechanically identical, with the exception of 3 styles of car (Standard coupe, 34 Coupe, and Sedan) available with 10 types of body styles. (New cars are currently offered with only 7 body styles, however many used cars exist with the “older” styles).

What is a Legends Car?

In April of 1992, a revolutionary new race car, the Legends Car, was unveiled at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler and Elliott Forbes-Robinson, designed the 5/8-scale fiberglass versions of the famed 1930-1940 NASCAR’s .The idea was to create a fun, safe, and affordable “spec” class of racing for everyone.

Competitors are not permitted to make any major changes to the original car. Add a strict set of rules and you have a series that is fair for everyone involved.

The cars feature a Yamaha FJ 1200 motorcycle engine which produces 125 horsepower. Horsepower is not a significant factor in the Legends Cars Series because the rules require the use of a 13 inch, 60 series BF Goodrich radial “Legends Edition” tyre mounted on a 7-inch wide steel wheel.

What can you add to a Legends Car?

Some of the things that may be added include oil coolers, electric fans, duct work, tachometers, fire extinguishers, mirrors, and safety related items such as roll bar padding.

What adjustments can you make to a Legends Car?

The only adjustments that may be made are front end camber, caster, and toe; tyre pressures; spring rates; rear end gear ratios; and the weight distribution by setting the coil over suspension.

In the UK Legends Cars are sold only through 600 Racing.

What are the dimensions of a Legends Car?

  • Wheelbase = 73″
  • Overall width = 60″
  • Overall length = 10′ 6″ (with bumpers)
  • Height = 46″
  • Weight = 1,080 to 1,200 pounds (maximum 52% left side and rear %)
  • Engine = Yamaha FJ 1200 (compression ratio < 10: 1)
  • Tyres = spec 205/13R60 BF Goodrich TA Comp HR4 Legends Edition
  • Wheels = Steel; 7″ wide; 13″ diameter; 3″- 3 1/4″ offset

What is top speed for a Legends Car?

With the Yamaha 1200 or 1250cc motor and it’s 5 speed transmission, they could run up to 120 or 125mph depending on the rear end gear. They usually would never get to this because their running on tighter tracks. They usually get up to around 100mph.

Why Legends Cars are so visually appealing?

One of reasons for the success of the Legends Car is undoubtedly the car’s appearance. The fibreglass bodied cars are almost exact replicas of the 1934 and 1940 Fords and Chevys that founded the grassroots of racing as we know it.

Every two inches of the original car bodies were measured and reduced by computers to insure their authenticity. Unlike larger, full-size cars, the Legends Car has a “cute” appearance at first glance. But the power of 120 horses of the Yamaha FJ 1200 quickly dispels any notions that this race car means anything but serious business.

What different fibreglass body styles are offered?

  • 1934 Ford Sedan
  • 1934 Ford Coupe (w/suicide doors)
  • 1937 Ford Flatback Sedan
  • 1937 Ford Coupe
  • 1940 Ford Sedan
  • 1937 Chevy Coupe
  • 1937 Chevy Flatback Sedan
  • 1937 Dodge Coupe